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E-Learning Application
(Web and Mobile Application)


E-Learning Application designed by Krita Technosolutions


Krita Technosolutions: The Best place for developing E-Learning Platforms for Schools and Academy!

Krita Technosolutions is considered as the business platform provided that the development of the Web and Mobile applications. Krita Technosolutions is offering all the necessary and expected services to web and mobile designing groups with the center of attention. It also provides very useful information about the development of web and the mobile applications. It can also able to link with successful learning applications and make the users come back to the platform frequently. It aims to make the tutoring field very simple including very easily reached to one and all. Some of the electronic learning applications are Word Press which makes electronic learning content, Skill Pill, Moodle Mobile, Blackboard Collaborate Mobile, Educreations Interactive Whiteboard, lynda.com, e-learning age, apple keynote, iTunes U, etc, Furthermore, Krita Technosolutions can enhance the development of all web and the mobile applications. It should be consolidated all types of training information and the data and reduced the cost of the learning and also combined the experiences of social learning. All the electronic learning applications have closed the spaces in the educational productions.

A Learning Management System or shortly known as LMS is a kind of software application and web-based machinery. It is utilized in the strategies, executions, and evaluates the particular procedure of the learning. Fundamentally, a Learning Management System is considered as the software which assists the mode of online learning. And it is also facilitated to follow the employees learning improvements. It is a software application for the management, certification, tracking, exposures, mechanization, and transportation of the classes of education, teaching plans, the programs of education, and developments. 

The successful products or web and the mobile applications have closed the spaces in the contemporary learning production and also it snatched something to be very useful to the entire learner. To materialize directly from electronic learning or E-learning is the notion of the Learning Management System. This software aims to distribute high-quality teaching quickly.According to the associations teaching strategies and purposes, the exact task of the learning management system must differ. Popular learning organizations such as Moodle, Schoology, and the Blackboard Learn were utilized by the learning management system. Thus, today’s educational system has to be run smoothly by the usages of electronic learning applications in these critical pandemic conditions.

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