SAP ABAP Software Development

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  2. Hands-On Learning in SAP ABAP.
  3. Best Practice for interview Preparation Techniques in SAP ABAP.
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SAP ABAP Software Development

High-level 4th generation programming language known as SAP ABAP was developed by SAP. It is implemented as the programming language for the SAP Application Server. A component of SAP’s Net Weaver platform, which is used to create business applications, is the SAP Application Server.

ABAP programming requires time and specialized skills. In effect, this slows down time to market, and the pace at which ABAP customizations can be given turns off business stakeholders.

Support Activities
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  1. Handling tickets (system and customer Generated ticktes)
  2. Monitoring Process Chains Enhancements
  3. Checking System
  4. Performance
  5. Performance tuning activities

SAP Management Accounting

Another essential SAP module is SAP Management Accounting (CO). Coordination, monitoring, and optimization of all organizational processes are supported by this tool. Both the consumption of productive resources and the services provided by a company are recorded by SAP CO in this system.

The main purpose of SAP controlling module is planning. It enables you to determine variances by comparing actual data with plan data and thus enables you to control business flows in your organization.

Online Training / Offline Training

Participants in our SAP ABAP Online Training course will gain knowledge on topics such as SAP Application servers and screens, SAP R/3 architecture, and ABAP data types and statements. They’ll also learn about Open SQL, the ABAP debugger, DDL and DCL commands, as well as looping and other ABAP debugging tools. Globally, SAP is regarded as one of the leading business systems for financial accounting and control, production planning, and materials management.

Training and certification in SAP ABAP programming offered by Krita Technosolutions includes real-time, hands-on instruction in the most important SAP ABAP ideas and principles. Once a candidate has successfully completed the Besant Technologies SAP ABAP certification online training course, they will receive a certificate of completion.

Krita Technosolutions holds SAP ABAP professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in SAP ABAP implementation and support, and other relevant fields. The trainers of Krita Technosolutions are handpicked, working experts who hold excellent expertise and technical backgrounds. According to the survey of world, the national average salary received by SAP ABAP developer is about 15 Lakhs per year.


We have a crew of professionals who take care of the candidate’s job applications and placement assistance. We conduct mock interviews, HR interviews, aptitude examinations, and more to make the candidate secure and clear the JOB interviews quickly. We also train the candidate about presenting themselves before the interviewers, help in resume preparations, schedule interviews, and more. We have a tie-up with reputed companies across the US, UK and India. Therefore we provide 100% job placement to the candidate who has completed the SAP ABAP certification training course successfully from Krita Technosolutions.


For both external and internal reporting, SAP FICO is a component of SAP ERP. The goal is to accurately record and produce at the end of the trading session all of an entity’s financial transactions. SAP FICO stands for “Financial Accounting” and “Corporate Finance” (Controlling).


The aim of the HR module is to be able to process employee related data according to business requirements in an effective structure.

The human resource module maintains the data in a standard structure that is nothing but an info type.

HCM consist of many modules, some of the main modules are:

  1. Organizational Management (OM)
  2. Personnel Administration (PA)
  3. Time Management(TM)
  4. Payroll(PY)

Logical database (LDBs) is mainly used in the HR Programming.

nstead of Select.. we use some ROUTINES and PROVIDE..ENDPROVIDE.. etc

n the case of Payroll we use Clusters and we Import and Export them for data fetching.

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Implementation means implementing Business Processes. After purchasing the SAP (ERP), Companies do Study the Methodologies and various process and case studies.

Several people work on the various functional modules described below throughout implementation (can be considered as SAP BI ARCHITECTS, DESIGNERS, SAP CONSULTANTS).

Each module is crucial in its own right and is interconnected with the others in a variety of ways (SAP is all Tables and Table Relations)

  1.  Function Modules: Ex: FI CO Consultant, SD Consultant etc.
  2. Technical Module ABAP Programmer.
  3. Basis & security Administration
  4. Others
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Supply Chain Management

In order to effectively manage your company's supply chain, SAP has developed supply chain software. Learn more about the four elements of SAP Supply Chain Management, such as enhancing shipping operations, and how they can benefit your company.

Having a strong technology like SAP Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM) isn't enough to get the most out of it. The first step is to understand what it is.

Supply chain management software (SCM) that is SAP-integrated can help companies better respond to market shifts. Workflow management and supply chain planning are two of the many benefits it offers. SAP SCM is capable of enhancing overall performance and streamlining network logistics in a positive way.

SAP Training Fresher and students

Is SAP a good career for freshers? If you are wondering how SAP is a good career option, numerous reasons convince you to choose SAP being a fresher.

 Can a fresher succeed in SAP? SAP is always on the lookout for new ways to better serve its customers and the market. SAP develops new and improved products based on the current market demand. SAP is a great place to start a career because it’s always in demand.

Recruitment US / India

In order to get a job with SAP, you’ll need to have some IT expertise and a certification in SAP technologies. Rather, you should put your efforts into staying abreast of new developments in your profession by on-going education and training.

In addition to focusing on your technical abilities, you must also work on your interpersonal skills if you want to land a job.

Communication skills – Every employment responsibility necessitates excellent communication abilities, whether they are expressed orally or in writing. You can show off your writing prowess right away in your email conversations during the hiring process. The face-to-face portion of the interview will require you to communicate verbally as well as written.

Body language – While the importance of verbal communication is occasionally emphasized, nonverbal communication often goes unnoticed or overlooked. Your posture, hand movements, and handshakes are all areas where you may improve.

Personality development – This is especially crucial for new grads, which may be apprehensive about the interview process because they are inexperienced with it. In order to be successful in your interview, you must work to improve your weaknesses.

Other than that, make sure you have a well-written resume that highlights all of your relevant experience and abilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those who may know of new chances. If you’re looking for a job, connect with as many individuals as possible and apply to companies that seem like a good fit. You’ll land in the SAP role that’s designed for you sooner rather than later.

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