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How about: ” Elevating Digital Experiences: Krita Technosolutions Unveiled ” ?

Krita Technosolutions is a full-service Mobile & Web design agency with a dedicated focus on creating Mobile apps & websites that are Responsive, Secure and Results Driven. We utilise the latest technology which in turn guarantees fantastic results for the clients we help and support. We pride ourselves in a great work ethic, integrity and most importantly end-results.

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Our Services

Site Maintenance and Support Services one page

New Page Creation

Protect your company, partners, investors, and clients from cybercriminals with the latest cybersecurity solutions.

Social Media Management

Strategizing and overseeing your online presence across social platforms.

Creative UI Design

Keeping your website's design fresh and functional with creative design.

Image Editing

Enhancing and refining visual content for maximum impact.

Form Pages

Designing intuitive forms to streamline user interactions on your site.

Landing Pages

Creating captivating entry points to drive user engagement and conversion.

WordPress Updates

Ensuring your WordPress site is up-to-date with the latest features.

Theme Updates

Keeping your website's design fresh and functional with theme updates.

Blog Posts

Generating informative and engaging content to captivate your audience.

News Article and Events Posting

Sharing timely updates and event information to keep your audience informed.

Posts to Facebook, Twitter, Linked and so forth

Sharing your message across various social platforms to maximize reach.

Scheduled article posts via web-based networking media

Automating content sharing to maintain a consistent online presence.

Email Blast Setup and Scheduling

Deploying targeted email campaigns to reach your audience effectively.

CMS System Updates

Maintaining the efficiency and security of your content management system.

Programming Services

Customizing and optimizing your website functionality to meet your goals.

WordPress Security Updates

Protecting your WordPress site from potential security vulnerabilities.

WordPress Plugin Updates Text and Image Changes

Enhancing your WordPress site with updated plugins and content modifications.

Image Resizing / Optimization

Optimizing images for faster load times and improved user experience.

Blog/Facebook/Social Media Posts

Engaging your audience with compelling content across various platforms.

Social Media Profile Setup

Establishing professional profiles to enhance your social media visibility.
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